Executive Producer and Storyboard Studios Founder and Managing Director Natalie Humphreys has worked across the UK and global production sector for 25 years as writer, director and executive producer, winning awards for cinematography, innovation and reaching new audiences. Her family is from Scotland and she moved to Glasgow in 2011 with her husband and sons while working for the BBC, where she held a number of roles including leading factual for BBC Studios, controller of factual & daytime for BBC Television and head of specialist factual for BBC Vision. Prior to launching Storyboard Studios in 2019, Humphreys led the BBC’s UK factual production network, including teams in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Cardiff, Salford, Bristol, London and the BBC Natural History Unit. She is known as a trusted originator and served on the boards of BBC Scotland, BBC Television and was the editorial lead for the BBC’s co-production partnership with PBS. With awards from BAFTA, Grierson, RTS, Banff and Broadcast, she also led a new factual drama slate including Emmy-nominated The Challenger, starring William Hurt as Richard Feynman and the investigation into the 1986 Space Shuttle disaster.

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