Michael Klokkos is an experienced Head of Production with over 12 years of experience in managing some of the largest and most challenging productions in the UK; including Big Brother, Total Wipeout and First Dates Hotel. Since starting his career, he has worked across a variety of different genres including Live, Reality, Factual, Entertainment and more recently Drama. Since taking up his role at Chalkboard TV in 2017, Michael has played an integral part in overseeing the company grow and diversify with the set-up of Storyboard Studios in 2019, and more recently the launch of Clapperboard Studios in 2020. Outside of his passion for great entertainment, Michael can be found either somewhere under the sea, or in his garden holding an umbrella over his BBQ.

Our People

Rony Jazzar CEO, IMAGIC
Jose Velasco President, Zebra
Sara Fernandez co-Chief Operating Officer, izen and Zebra
Mike Benson MD of Chalkboard, MD of Clapperboard
Natalie Humphreys
Michael Klokkos