Jose is one of the best known producers in Spain having both founded and run Globomedia in 1989 and Zeppelin TV (Endemol Group) in 1993. He has produced some of Spain’s most iconic series both scripted and non-scripted including launching the Spanish version of Big Brother (Gran Hermano). Jose is also a leading theatre and feature film producer winning 5 Goyas (Spain’s leading film awards) in the process. He remains committed to the transformative power of great storytelling. He is also a seriously good tennis player!

Our People

Rony Jazzar CEO, IMAGIC
Jose Velasco President, Zebra
Sara Fernandez co-Chief Operating Officer, izen and Zebra
Mike Benson MD of Chalkboard, MD of Clapperboard
Natalie Humphreys
Michael Klokkos