Thierry is one of the two co-founders of Elephant Group. He met his business partner, Emmanuel Chain, at high school aged just 18 although it was not until they were both at French commercial broadcaster M6 that they worked together. Prior to founding Elephant, Thierry had previously been, among other things, MD of L’Oreal, Belgium. He also comes from a family full of governors of the Bank of France but neither beauty or banking were to his liking and in 1995 he left L’Oreal and moved into TV to become Director of Music and Entertainment at M6. Thierry is a successful author and has had five of his novels published.

Image © Véronique Fel

Our People

Rony Jazzar CEO, IMAGIC
Jose Velasco President, Zebra
Thierry Bizot co-CEO, Elephant Group
Emmanuel Chain co-CEO, Elephant Group
Ben Hall Chief Creative Officer
Sara Fernandez co-Chief Operating Officer, izen and Zebra
Laurence Thomas-Dutour co-COO, izen and Elephant Group